Sister Polygon  Records

Est. 2012

Based in Washington, DC

A Contagious Sound

About Sister Polygon Records

Sister Polygon Records was founded in Washington, DC in 2012 by members of the band Priests. Initially created as a vehicle to release their first 7” single, featuring the songs “Radiation” and “Personal Planes,” the label soon began releasing music by bands and artists with whom they’d shared a bill and admired, including Downtown Boys, Shady Hawkins, and Neonates. SPR was soon home to a constellation of acts emerging acts from the DC, Maryland and Virginia area, including Snail Mail, Gauche, Sneaks, Flasher, and Hothead. Priests’ Nothing Feels Natural was Sister Polygon’s first full-length LP released on vinyl in 2017. Secretly Distribution now carries Sister Polygon Records’ releases worldwide, and probably in an independent record store near you.








What We Believe

Sister Polygon Records was founded with a simple mission: to release music that matters to us. Our hypothesis is that excitement is contagious, and we’re often reminded that when we’re excited about our releases, you are too. We’re not about “content” and indifferent to the idea of certain sounds being a passing trend. We’re about respecting the art form that gets us up in the morning and shapes our lives: recorded (and live) sound, and all the ingredients that go into making it happen. To be real: when we founded this record label in 2012 we didn’t know anything about anything (probably still don’t), we weren’t (and still aren’t) “business people,” but we’ve learned a lot through our experiences and every year we’ve built a little bit more of the kind of world in which we want to live. We’re now pretty adept at running our own business, but we’re primarily artists carving out space for artists. We believe deeply in the transformative power of music, in people, in ourselves, in each other, and in you too. Idk, unless you’re an asshole or something.

Our Team

Our Team

Sister Polygon Records was founded and is currently run by:

Daniele Daniele

co-founder - artist relations, project manager, department of finance

Daniele is a former competitive ice skater turned environmental urban planning specialist turned musician who started learning how to drum when she was 24 years old. She enjoys playing drums, collaging, and making kale smoothies. She loves The Cleaners from Venus, Young Marble Giants, SZA, and Sophie Ellis Bextor. Her favorite TV show is Star Trek: TNG.

G.L. Jaguar

co-founder - project materials manager, local distribution and delivery coordinator

G.L. is a musician, cinephile, and recording engineer from Washington, DC. He loves pugs, collects guitars, and can draw most cartoon characters from memory.

Katie Alice Greer

co-founder - artist relations, project manager, department of public relations

Katie made her stage debut as the lower peninsula of Michigan in a 2nd grade school play. She once thought she would like to become a senator but instead became a musician. Mostly, she spends her time making music or recording it. When she isn’t doing this she is knitting and making mixtapes. She loves Outkast, Finally Punk, The Go-Betweens, Björk, and The Modern Dance by Pere Ubu.

Taylor Mulitz

co-founder - artist relations, project manager, department of design

Taylor is a DC-based musician and graphic designer who got his start in the “industry” after participating in the DC free recording project at age 16. When he isn’t making records or designing them, you can likely find him admiring photos of miniature dachshunds and poodles.