Priests announce new album
The Seduction of Kansas

Sister Polygon Records is proud to present the sophomore album of the band that founded the label, Priests.

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Building off the precedent set by their previous LP, Priests are back with fireworks of noise and arresting melody. If Nothing Feels Natural felt like an album-length ode to possibility, then The Seduction of Kansas exists within the adventurous world its predecessor pried open. If Nothing was the reach and conviction of a band pushing beyond itself, willing itself into existence on its own terms, then Kansas stands boldly in the self-possessed space it carved. Its 10 pop songs are like short stories told from uncanny perspectives, full of fire and camp. They make up Priests’ most immediate and musically cohesive record, a bracing leap forward in a catalog full of them.


New Music

Olivia Neutron-John

Olivia Neutron-John’s self-titled debut full length OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN is the artist’s first recorded output since 2014’s INJURY TRAIN AND I'M NEVER GETTING OFF IT b/w VULNERABILITY. Emerging with this album, their sound remains transcendent and meticulous with a newly articulated focus and even bolder minimalism. A. Nasty [they/them/theirs] returns on keyboards and voice, now writing sinewy bass lines against the steady pulse of a drum machine. Lyrically it is sparse, but laden with meaning. A. Nasty’s vocals are psychedelic yet straightforward, confident but desperate, calculated and unhinged all at the same time.
Ambiguity drives OLIVIA NEUTRON-JOHN - the feeling of imminent danger in nearly going off the rails, just barely kept in line with the order of rhythm.

The Funs

The Funs, also known as Jessee Rose Crane and Philip Jerome Lesicko, spent years transforming their hoarded old house of death into something of a sanctuary for one life’s most affirming practices, artistic creation. Building it tooth and nail into an artist and musician’s residency they now call Rose Raft, The Funs made an album called Alienated to christen their self-created home.


Florry is a brand new rock band from Philadelphia. Teenage bandleader Francie Medosch leads her rollicking ensemble (featuring Peter Gill, Theo Woodward, RL Srinivasan and Abbie Jones Hornburg) through the exuberant, yearning roller coaster tracks of Brown Bunny. There is a directness to Medosch’s lyricism and playfulness to her song’s arrangements that feels anxious and hopeful.

New  Music